The Commoner #12: Value Strata, Migration and "Other Values"

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Issue 12 of The Commoner magazine

Submitted by gay4plants on July 11, 2019

1 Introduction: Value Strata, Migration and “Other Values” Massimo De Angelis
9 Offshore Outsourcing and Migrations: The South-Eastern and Central Eastern European Case Devi Sacchetto
23 Differentials of Surplus-Value in the Contemporary Forms of Exploitation Massimiliano Tomba
39 A Critique of Fordism and the Regulation School Ferruccio Gambino
63 Notes on the Edu-Factory and Cognitive Capitalism Silvia Federici and George Caffentzis
71 Measure, Excess, and Translation: Some Notes on "Cognitive Capitalism" Massimo De Angelis
79 Reinventing An/Other Anti-Capitalism in Mexico: The Sixth Declaration of the EZLN and the "Other Campaign" Patrick Cuninghame
111 Reruralizing the World Mariarosa Dalla Costa
119 "Two Baskets For Change" Mariarosa Dalla Costa
129 Food As Common and Community Mariarosa Dalla Costa


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