Huddersfield 2 trial adjourned because of CPS incompetency.

Update on the case of the Huddersfield 2.

Submitted by Glimmer on July 31, 2013


On 6th April ‘Axe the Tax’ organised a protest in town against the bedroom tax and the unemployed having to pay council tax. Protesters occupied Barclays Bank as a protest against the bail out of the banks and bankers bonuses which caused the economic crisis we are all paying for. Two local anarchists were brutally arrested for their part in this non violent direct action. Protesters and bystanders blocked the road to try to prevent the arrest as hundreds gathered in a small but significant example of the direct action which along with strike action is the only way to defeat government attacks.

On 26th July at the magistrates court the case of the two was adjourned because of Crown Prosecution Service incompetency and the failure of one of their witnesses to attend. About 50 protesters turned up to support the two who were applauded as they left Court.

The trial has been re-listed for the 22nd of November, when we will once again rally to defend the right to protest. Or as one of the defendants put it, "26 July is 60 years since the attack on the Moncada Barracks in Cuba and founding of the 26 July Movement, local anarchist's plan to re-enact 'History Will Absolve Me' speech from dock at Huddersfield magistrates court has been foiled by CPS incompetency.

Huddersfield Anarchist League would like to thank everyone who turned out in support of the anti-Bedroom Tax protesters at Huddersfield Magistrate's Court. Some people had taken a day off work and used up their leave in order to be witnesses, or show solidarity. There were also people from across the left, aligned and non-aligned - a fine example of Unity in Action - as well as people directly affected by benefit cuts. Despite the trial being adjourned it wasn't a waste of time since it has helped maintain the public profile of the campaign. We hope people can be there again on 22 November - though we can't promise nice festive sunny weather on the day !