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Greetings from the International Proletarian Union to the participants of the 56th International Antiwar Assembly.
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Submitted by Blesk on July 12, 2018

This year, on August 5, is to be held in Japan the 56th International Antiwar Assembly.
The International Proletarian Union sent an international greeting to the participants of the Assembly.

Greetings from the International Proletarian Union to the participants of the 56th International Antiwar Assembly.

Dear participants of the 56th International Antiwar Assembly, dear Japanese comrades and all comrades from all over the world!
The International Proletarian Union of the city of Krasnoyarsk (Russia) sends you its fraternal international greetings!

The economic crisis exacerbates the clashes between States, small and large, for the acquisition of new markets, for the control over zones in which are to be found raw materials necessary for the reproduction of capital and the acquisition of strong positions in view of the third world war, which capitalism leads these States to. The big imperialist powers are mobilizing with alarming speed and determination. Faced with the prospect of an impending world massacre, we therefore call on the working people all over the world.

Today, there is a growing world inter-imperialist confrontation with the threat of a new world war. The cause of this growing crisis is the capitalist system as a whole, and therefore the goal of the proletarians of all countries must be to overthrow capitalism in every country and in the world as a whole. No matter who initiates military conflicts!

If this cruel consumer society leads only to war, to the destruction of everything and everyone in order to preserve the capitalist socio-economic system that gave birth to it, then we must declare war on war and fight capitalism for a world order that does not need exploitation, crises, wars and millions of victims, for the survival of a small international group of oligarchs.

Only a revolutionary process all over the world can stop a new world war, and destroy with it the economic system that supports it. Fundamentally different, the socialist organization of production and distribution of social wealth can be a guarantee that such barbarity will not be repeated periodically with a tragic punctuality. The only real effective way to struggle against the third world war can only be the revolutionary overthrow of capitalism by the organized world proletariat.
Therefore, this is the opportunity to call on all participants of the 56th International Antiwar Assembly and all the class-conscious proletarians of our planet.

Comrades, in our common struggle, no alliance with the national bourgeoisie is acceptable in the name of defending “independence”, “democracy”, “peace”, etc.

Any “patriotic” movement inevitably turns out to be under the control of one or another imperialist State, turning into their instrument in “proxy wars”. The historical time of bourgeois revolutions has passed. There are no bourgeois factions capable of any new revolutionary transformation.

In these conditions, we, the “International Proletarian Union”, stand for the creation of a world communist organization of people who defend the fundamental class interests of the proletariat and are guided by the general principles of Marxist theory.
Such an organization is necessary to prepare for a world revolution by helping to the emergence of a world-historic, international proletariat and, thereby, creating the last condition missing for this revolution.

Comrades, no “national socialism” within the framework of one single country is possible. Isolated, the dictatorship of the proletariat will inevitably be crushed by the economic and military efforts of imperialism. This, of course, does not deny the possibility that, as a pioneer in the world revolution of the working class, its separate national detachments may first appear. The task of the working class and its class parties in all countries is the unconditional and universal support of this initiative and the display of all efforts for its propaganda and dissemination to all countries.

Objective conditions are on our side. At the beginning of the 20th century there were 60 million proletarians in the world, on the eve of the second world war 140 million, now about 2 billion. Together with families, this is more than half of humanity. It’s time for the working class to wake up. The capitalist world system is entering a new systemic crisis. The only thing missing is the subjective factor – the international proletarian party, built on the scientific principles of Marxism.

Either the world revolution will prevent a world war, or a world war will lead to a world revolution! In any case, the world war is a genocide directed against the working class of all countries and continents. And the world proletarian revolution is the only and final solution to the problem. And only through joint efforts, united in our common class struggle, we can stop the nuclear catastrophe and the destruction of mankind.

Therefore, our motto addressed to all the working people of our planet is the same:
“Workers of the world, unite!”
With international greetings,
International Proletarian Union.

Krasnoyarsk, Russia. July 10, 2018.


R Totale

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Is there any other English-language info about this international assembly, who's participating in it and so on?

Richard 1917

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Submitted by Richard 1917 on July 14, 2018

It is organized by the "Japan Revolutionary Communist League - Revolutionary Marxist Faction" [] which is a kind of Trotskyist group resulting from many splits and referring somehow to the old Zengakuren.
It is somehow weird from a "left communist" organization to send greetings to such a bunch of leftists making their show for peace, even if the Krasnoyarsk comrades point out important issues such as the needs of generalized war for capital and how to develop our own and only response as proletariat: revolutionary defeatism...