Solidarity strikers accuse bosses of blacklisting in Bologna

Riot police block locked out warehouse workers in Bologna last week.
Riot police block locked out warehouse workers in Bologna last week.

After days of being locked out of their warehouse for showing solidarity with colleagues on strike in Carpiano, workers at SDA Bologna are being allowed back in based on a list, which the union says is targeting their members.

Submitted by Ed on September 27, 2017

In a post on Facebook, the union states that warehouse management are now allowing 70 people back in to work out of a workforce of 400. However, while over three-quarters of this workforce are SI Cobas members, only 11 of the union’s members have been allowed back.

The union has asked for the criteria for those on the list as being allowed to return to work but as yet has had no response.

In a video taken outside the warehouse gates, security can be seen calling out the names of workers permitted entry to a large group of workers. Once finished, one worker shouts: “And where’s the list of SI Cobas members?!” before others in the crowd begin shouting “Shame!”

Workers then ask who it was that gave them the list, to which the response is “I’m not authorised to respond.” However, a worker in the crowd then says that the security staff had previously told him that it was the outsourcing company in charge of running the warehouse who had given it to them. The video ends with the factory gates being locked shut with a padlock and chain.

Workers in Bologna walked out on strike and began blockading their warehouse in solidarity with workers at a warehouse in Carpiano, near Milan, who had done the same after a new outsourcing company threatened to remove many of the rights they had won in their struggles of recent years.