Vanguard (Vol. 3, No. 8, August 1937)

The August 1937 issue of Vanguard, an anarchist journal published out of New York, with articles by Rudolf Rocker, Sam Dolgoff, Gregori Maximov and Pierre Besnard.

Submitted by Juan Conatz on June 7, 2015


-Calendar of counter-revolution

-Spain faces the future by Senex (a.k.a. Mark Schmidt)

-Sacco and Vanzetti in retrospect by Harry Kelly

-Romanticism and nationalism by Rudolf Rocker

-Anarchism and economics by Gregori Maximov

-Democracy in the CIO by Sam Weiner (a.k.a. Sam Dolgoff)

-Social classes in France by Jumin

-Anarcho-syndicalism and anarchism by Pierre Besnard

-Entre nous

-Come into my parlor...

-Bread, wine and freedon by Liston M. Oak