"Casseurs" challenge French media reports

Late afternoon on March 28th around fifty students penetrated the offices of Agence France Presse in the centre of Paris to protest against “disinformation”.

Submitted by alibi on March 29, 2006

AFP reported that the students, mainly from Paris X – Nanterre University, entered one of the editorial suites shouting, “One, Two, Three months in prison! We are all hooligans to break this system!”

Halima, who wished to keep her identity secret, explained their action “This abusive use of the term 'casseurs' must stop, it is not gratuitous violence but the expression of political thought, just like in the 'banlieues' in November” continuing “ we all want to break this system either by physical or through symbolic violence. After around half an hour, the students calmly left the building leaving behind a large poster proclaiming “Nous somme tous les casseurs” (We are all hooligans)