I've been rooting through the Sun's bins recently and was shocked to find a letter addressed to the staff by the firm's chief, Rupert Murdoch

Submitted by Rob Ray on June 28, 2011

Did you know that the unions were responsible for killing mining in this country? IT'S TRUE.

You may have thought that it was Margaret Thatcher when she said "I'm going to close 20 mines" in 1984 but in FACT it was the unions, whose unreasonable demand that she not close the mines forced her to close them!

And now they're at it again, a mob of up to 750,000 crazy-eyed lunatic teachers, civil servants who have NO MANDATE for walking out on the job. Oh sure, they may not actually come into work or cross picket lines, but that's not a democratic choice, after all only 30% of those eligible actually voted for it in most cases!

I mean okay only 25% voted for the Tories to even be in government, let alone for pensions cuts the party never said they'd do when campaigning, but that's parliament, it's completely different!

This rabble are forcing people to stay home with their pickets! Admittedly these are restricted to six or so people and they're not allowed to be rude to anyone crossing, but you can see the dislike in their eyes! It's like they're fascists or something!!

But worst of all, most unforgiveable, they're doing BETTER THAN PRIVATE SECTOR WORKERS who have been incredibly loyal and let their pensions get cut, their wages be frozen and their hours go up while companies make their colleagues redundant, and haven't even complained when it became clear companies had continued to make massive profits!

The greed of it!!1! Expecting to be retire with a secure pension they paid for! Do they not know this is Britain? I'll be DAMNED if these COMMIE BASTARDS will get away with this!!!1!

For England,

Rupert Murdoch



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Submitted by Steven. on July 2, 2011

Yeah, The Sun has been absolutely ridiculous on the pensions/strikes recently, really disgusting


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Submitted by slothjabber on July 3, 2011

I read this as 'unicorns'. 'Hate filled Unicorns Ruling Britain'. I really am quite tired and may have had too much gin.