Trouble flares again in Paris

Scuffles with police break out following anti-CPE demonstrations in Paris.

Taken from Le Figaro (rough translation):

Whereas the march passed without incident, the dispersal of the demonstration in the capital was a theatre of confrontations at the boulevard Raspail, in the Sevres-Babylon district. Approximately 200 young people, most of whom did not take part in the demonstration, started to throw projectiles (bottles, sticks) at the police force.

Young people set fire to a newspaper kiosk located close to the Boucicaut public garden. 147 supposed troublemakers were stopped and questioned, according to a press release from the ministry for the Interior at 19H30. In addition, several hundreds of demonstrators were at 7pm in front of the Sorbonne, in a tense atmosphere". A little later flares were launched against the anti-riot police, who responded by shooting teargas.

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Mar 16 2006 19:24


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