Workers' struggles in Asia (May 2010)

Summary and links to news stories of workers' struggles around East Asia (excluding China) during May. I now have a Twitter feed where I will be posting the stories I find, so if you don't want to wait until the end of the month to read them or would like to write up some of these for libcom news when they happen rather, please follow it:

libcom articles

In case you missed them, here are the articles that appeared on libcom relating to Asia this month.
Wildcat strike at Japanese electronics firm in Vietnam
1000 Vietnamese garment workers walk out

Around Asia

May Day protests around Asia and the rest of the world.


7th of May
Garment workers protest
23rd of May
Protest over a land seizure
24th of May
The battle for Cambodian farm land - Radio Australia


1st of May
May Day protest
7th of May
Jakarta port strike


23rd of May
Protest in an immigrant detention centre


1st of May

North Korea

13th of May
Arsons thought to be protests against the government


31st of May
Probe of Filipino farmers' brutal eviction sought - allvoices

South Korea

26th of May
134 teachers in the KCTU are to be fired
26th of May
Teachers & legal society - Korea Times

1st of May
May Day protests, some against a proposed deal with China
28th of May
Farmers stand up for rights and sustainability - Taiwan Today
Taiwan labour activists protest against Foxconn parent - AFP


23rd of May
1200 workers at a South Korean owned factory on strike
26th of May
Boy killed in Vietnam protest
30th of May
Policeman detained after a death at Vietnam protest - AFP
31st of May
Police officer charged in shooting of protestors in Vietnam - Earthtimes (press release),police-officer-charged-in-shooting-of-protestors-in-vietnam.html
Second death at Vietnam refinery protest site - MSN Philippines News

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