Marginal Notes on COP26 in Glasgow

In the current mode of production the perennial drive to increase capital is a necessity, not one political option amongst many.

AngryWorkers’ Daily Dose of Class Hatred #4

(This text was written a few days before the most recent tragedy in the Channel, during which 27 people drowned)

What does it take to be organised politically?

This short text was used for debate at our AngryWorkers meeting in Sheffield a couple of months ago. It is another fragment in the debate about the relation between concrete struggles and the development of an organic working class transitional program. Please read the piece below in conjuncture with these two other contributions:

Climate and class struggle…in a generally mad world

This is the third of our short series of texts about the climate crisis. Here, the comrade goes over similar themes raised in the first article, but goes into a bit more detail about why we think world leaders won’t be able to solve anything, as well as joining the dots more explicitly between climate catastrophe and workers’ struggles, specifically self-organised struggles that challenge our position as the exploited ones, at the same time as rediscovering our own power as the makers (and potential re-makers) of this world. And is the climate crisis separable from the generally intolerable conditions we all face?

When construction workers put their foot down: the story of the New South Wales Builders Labourers Federation

(We publish this article written by comrades from Australia as part of our ‘climate change’ debate. Next text to follow soon – watch this space!)

by Daniel Rashid, August 2021

Climate and class struggle… one struggle, one plight?

Sergio Bologna – The specific character of today’s crisis

We translated this comprehensive and thought-provoking text for our internal debate, trying to make sense of the situation we are in, but hope it will also be of interest for others.

Victor Serge’s ‘Memoirs of a revolutionary’

Last month we dug into Victor Serge’s ‘Memoirs of a revolutionary.’

AngryWorkers Daily Dose of Class Hatred #3

‘Promising Young Woman’, ‘Two Distant Strangers’ and ‘I May Destroy You’ – A review

This Review Contains Spoilers: The victim dies

The Renaissance of Operaismo – Wildcat

Against Capitalism, As Always!

Leaflet distributed by the PCInt during the "No Draghi Day" protests in Italy.

Striking Kellogg's Workers: Don't Settle for Crumbs!

Leaflet distributed by the IWG during the Kellogg's strike in Lancaster, PA.

China's "Capitalist-Socialism" is Beginning to Tremble

Evergrande's $300 billion debt turns the spotlight on to the increase in unproductive and speculative investment that has given a fictitious boost to Chinese national capitalism.

USA: "Striketober", An Unprecedented Wave of Strikes

The United States has experienced a wave of strikes on a scale rarely seen since 1968. All over the country, workers, exhausted by the Covid-19 pandemic, are demanding improvements in their working conditions. Driven by the rise in the cost of living, these thousands of workers are putting pressure on their bosses to grant them wage increases. This encompasses every sector of the economy.


封面 book cover


Mèo Mun, Anarchist Views from Vietnam

A red and black anarchist flag with a purple cat with a yellow star.

The Final Straw Radio talks to Mèo Mun, an anarchist collective working to make anarchist materials and ideas more accessible to a Vietnamese audience, together with providing an analysis of social struggles from a Vietnamese anarchist lens.

Retrieved from The Final Straw Radio.

Also available as a printable zine.

Letter From a Striking Oil Worker in Iran

Below is a brief note from a striking worker, Mahmoud from Assaluyeh. Not only is it a good illustration of how the leading strikers in Iran today are thinking and how their discussions are shaping up, it also gives us an insight into the potential of the working class movement when we see how far the workers have advanced. It is a window into the future, showing what could be created, not only throughout Iran but also beyond.

Cuba: The Real Fight Against State Repression Begins with Workers' Self-Organization

Liberal capitalism is a remedy for the ailments brought on by six decades of state capitalism in just the same way that swimming in sewage would be a suitable "remedy" for a staph infection.