Politics (January 1946)

Cover (p. 1)
Redman, Ben Ray. The story of John Mann (pp. 1-3)
The last days of Berlin - two letters from survivors (p. 4-7)
Mann, Georg. Morality at Nurnberg (p. 8)
Wolfe, Bertram D .. A note on Soviet place-names (pp. 8-9)
Landen, Melrick T .. The new five-hours war (p. 9)
Constas, Helen. roads in New Politics (2). A marxian critique of ideology (pp. 10-15)
Votaw, Albert. roads in New Politics (2). Toward a Personalist socialist philosophy (pp. 15-17)
Calhoun, Don. roads in New Politics (2). Non-violence and revolution (pp. 17-21)
Peck, James. roads in New Politics (2). A note on direct action (pp. 21-22)
The soldier reports. Karachi, India; Okinawa; Naples, Italy (pp. 23-24)
Swados, Harvey. Tragedy in Trieste (pp. 24-25)
Tucci, Nicholas. Commonnonsense (pp. 25-27)
Chiaromonte, Nicholas. PJ Proudhon - an uncomfortable thinker (pp. 27-29)
Macdonald, Dwight. Politicking (pp. 29-31)
The intelligence office. Hanford - Fact vs. fiction; with a reply by Virgil Vogel (pp. 31-32)
Notes on contributors (page 20).

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Politics (February 1946)

On the Kind of Socialism Called "Scientific", by Nicola Chiaromonte (33)
Can Socialism be Humanized?, by Frank Fisher (44)
Discussion by Virgil J. Vogel (46)
"The Mexico Clique"--a Letter from Manila (49)
A Green International?, by K. L. N. Sinha (50)
Culture in the Ruins--3 Documents from Germany:
1. "A Beginning Must be Made", by Karl Jaspers (51)
2. The Rebirth of the University, by Karl Jaspers (52)
3. Notes on the German Academic Scene (55)
The G.I. Basic Personality, by Roger Reingold (57)
Hospitals--Some Letters (58)
Third Report on Packages to Europe (60)

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Politics (March 1946)

Cover (pag. 65)
Comment (pagg. 65-69)
Weil, Simone. War as an institution (7). Words and war (pagg. 69-73)
Woodcock, George. London letter (pagg. 74-76)
Tucci, Niccolò. Commonnonsense (pagg. 76-77)
Rodman, Selden. Exit, pursued by a bear (pag. 77)
Macdonald, Dwight. Rebellion or reconversion? (pagg. 77-78)
Spratt, Philip. Marxism and ethics (pagg. 79-84)
Jones, Jack. The mad king (pagg. 85-86)
Carlisle, Kathryn. Periodicals. "Laissez-faire, planning and ethics" (pagg. 86-87)
Carlisle, Kathryn. Periodicals. "Is Gunnar Myrdal on the right track" (pag. 87)
Carlisle, Kathryn. Periodicals. "On contemporary nihilism" (pagg. 87-88)
Carlisle, Kathryn. Periodicals. "Battle and other combatant casualities in the second world war" (pag. 88)
Carlisle, Kathryn. Periodicals. "Sociological elements in Veblen's theory" (pag. 88)
Redman, Ben Ray. Books. Animal farm: a fairy story (pagg. 88-89)
Farrell, James T.. New roads in Politics. Discussion (pagg. 89-93)
The intelligence office (pagg. 93-95)
Committee of the POUM in France. The intelligence office. An appeal for aid and solidarity (pagg. 93-94)
Politicking (pagg. 95-96)
Contributors (pag. 95)

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Politics (April 1946)

Cover (pag. 97)
Macdonald, Dwight. New roads in Politics (4). The root is man (pagg. 97-99)
Macdonald, Dwight. New roads in Politics (4). The root is man. We need a new political vocabulary (pagg. 99-101)
Macdonald, Dwight. New roads in Politics (4). The root is man. The world we live in (pagg. 101-104)
Macdonald, Dwight. New roads in Politics (4). The root is man. The question of marxism (pagg. 104-106)
Macdonald, Dwight. New roads in Politics (4). The root is man. The mirage of the proletarian revolution (pagg. 106-109)
Macdonald, Dwight. New roads in Politics (4). The root is man. Bureaucratic collectivism: the "third alternative" (pagg. 109-112)
Macdonald, Dwight. New roads in Politics (4). The root is man. Modern war and the class struggle (pagg. 112-115)
Coser, Lewis (Louis Clair). Why the resistance failed - an outline (pagg. 116-118)
Calhoun, Don. The non-violent revolutionists (pagg. 118-119)
Bendiner, Burton. Labor leads (pagg. 119-120)
Agee, James. Dedication day - rough sketch for a moving picture (pagg. 121-125)
Delecourt, Jean (Gelo); Delecourt, Andrée (Andrea). French letter (pagg. 125-126)
Franck, Sebastian. Ancestors (2). De Tocqueville (pagg. 127-128)
Caffi, Andrea (European). Is a revolutionary war a contradiction in terms? (pagg. 128-130)
Contributors (pag. 130)
Dubitsky, A.. New roads in Politics. Discussion (pagg. 131-132)
Constas, Helen. New roads in Politics. Discussion (pagg. 132-134)
Vogel, Virgil J.. Books. The Leveller tracts, 1647-1653 (pag. 134)
The intelligence office (pagg. 134-135)
Woodcock, George. The intelligence office. William Morris's ideas (pagg. 134-135)
Packages abroad: current information (pag. 136)

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Politics (May 1946)

Cover (pag. 137)
Whither "politics"? With a reply by the Editor (pagg. 138-142)
A. B. C.. The communists and the national question (pagg. 142-144)
Berger, Morroe. Invitation to violence, a note on british policy in Palestine (pagg. 144-145)
Goldwater, Ethel. The independent woman: a new course (pagg. 145-149)
Dwight Culler, A.. Man - piltdown to Fermi (pagg. 149-150)
Korsch, Karl. A non-dogmatic approach to marxism (pagg. 151-154)
Woodcock, George. London letter (pagg. 154-155)
Ash, Julian. Germany 1946, some impressions (pagg. 156-158)
The department of antiagriculture: letters to and from bureaucracy (pagg. 158-160)
Tolstoy, Leo. Ancestors (3). Tolstoy. Modern science (pagg. 161-164)
Tolstoy, Leo. Ancestors (3). Tolstoy. Stop and think! (pagg. 164-167)
Barbarow, George. Popular Culture. Do we need Hollywood? (pagg. 167-168)
Chiaromonte, Nicola. New roads in Politics. Discussion (pagg. 168-170)
Farrell, James T.. New roads in Politics. Discussion (pag. 170)
Macdonald, Dwight. Fourth report on packages abroad (pagg. 171-174)
Macdonald, Dwight. The intelligence office. Whitewashing the catholic church - an exchange of letters with the N. Y. Times (pagg. 174-175)
Dubitsky, Aron. The intelligence office. Reply to Helen Constas (pag. 175)
Politicking (pag. 176)
Contributors (pag. 176)
The picture on the cover (pag. 174)

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Politics (July 1946)

Cover (pag. 177)
Macdonald, Dwight. The C. P. S. strikes (pagg. 177-180)
A. B. C.. Paris letter: the june elections (pagg. 180-182)
S., R.. Anti-semitism at sea (pag. 183)
Bazelon, David T.. New roads in Politics. Discussion. New roads and old footpaths (pagg. 184-187)
Calhoun, Don. New roads in Politics. Discussion. New roads and old footpaths: reply (pagg. 187-188)
Chiaromonte, Nicola. New roads in Politics. Discussion. New roads and old footpaths: reply (pagg. 188-189)
Franck, Sebastian. New roads in Politics. Discussion. Escapism v. marxism (pagg. 189-192)
Goldbloom, Maurice. Books. The peoples of the Soviet Union (pagg. 192-193)
Macdonald, Dwight. The root is man, part two (pagg. 194-195)
Macdonald, Dwight. The root is man, part two. Scientific method and value judgement (pagg. 195-199)
Macdonald, Dwight. The root is man, part two. Marxism and values - three texts with comments (pagg. 199-201)
Macdonald, Dwight. The root is man, part two. The idea of progress (pagg. 201-207)
Macdonald, Dwight. The root is man, part two. Toward a new concept of political action (pagg. 207-210)
Macdonald, Dwight. The root is man, part two. Five characteristics of a radical (pagg. 210-214)
The intelligence office (pagg. 214-215)
Peck, James. The intelligence office. You can strike against the Government (pagg. 215-216)
Amnesty petition (pag. 216)

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Politics (August 1946)

Cover (pag. 217)
Macdonald, Dwight. The story of Cyprus (with notes on Labor imperialism in Greece, Egypt and Palestine) (pagg. 217-225)
Harnett, Edward. The diary of the indoctrination commentator (pagg. 225-226)
Hasseck, Martin. English letter: Bevin at Bournemouth (pagg. 226-227)
Laurat, Lucien. Why european socialists look to America (pagg. 228-229)
Tucci, Niccolò. The streetcar is man (pagg. 229-230)
Bendiner, Burton. Labor's managerial ambitions (pagg. 230-231)
Woodcock, George. The english community movement (pagg. 231-233)
Ciliga, Anton. A talk with Lenin in Stalin's prison (pagg. 234-241)
Hirsch, Helmut. What is Roosevelt College? (pagg. 241-242)
McKenzie, Dorothy. Popular Culture. The time the Lady Writer imagined me (pagg. 242-244)
Atomic bombs, Union made - some letters with a comment by the Editor (pagg. 245-247)
Dryden, Theodore. Periodicals. "Report on the negro soldier" (pagg. 247-248)
Dryden, Theodore. Periodicals. "The new russian imperialism - its economic policy and aims in the occupied countries" (pag. 248)
Dryden, Theodore. Periodicals. "The Jewish delicatessen: the evolution of an institution" (pag. 248)
Dryden, Theodore. Periodicals. "The conservative South, a political myth" (pag. 248)
Dryden, Theodore. Periodicals. "Literature as an institution" (pagg. 248-249)
Dryden, Theodore. Periodicals. "Attitudes towards Soviet Russia"; "Favorable and unfavorable attitudes toward certain enemy and allied countries" (pag. 249)
Subotsky, Milton. New roads in Politics. Discussion (pagg. 249-250)
Marquart, Frank. New roads in Politics. Discussion (pagg. 251-253)
Knight, Damon. New roads in Politics. Discussion (pagg. 253-254)
(Dely X). The intelligence office. Letter from Austria (pag. 254)
Demaziere, Albert. The intelligence office. The Blasco murder (pagg. 254-255)
The intelligence office (pag. 255)
Contributors (pag. 256)

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Politics (September 1946)

Cover (pag. 257)
Comfort, Alex. A legend of UNO (pagg. 257-259)
Woodcock, George. Ancestors (4). William Godwin (pagg. 260-262)
Godwin, William. Extracts from "Enquiry concerning political justice" (pagg. 262-267)
Tucci, Niccolò. Letter to a friend (pagg. 267-268)
Orwell, George. "Catastrophic gradualism" (pagg. 268-270)
Pannekoek, Anton. The failure of the workingclass (pagg. 270-272)
Votaw, Albert. Resistance in C. P. S. (pagg. 272-274)
Dryden, Theodore. Periodicals. "Animadversions on naturalistic ethics" (pagg. 274-275)
Dryden, Theodore. Periodicals. "Consequences of the nationalization of the Bank of England" (pag. 275)
Dryden, Theodore. Periodicals. The "Liberal" fifth column (pagg. 275-276)
Heick, Helen. "The independent woman". Wanted: a program for the men (pag. 276)
Corkrey West, Ruth. "The independent woman". Woman in society - additional notes (pagg. 276-277)
McLuhan, Marshall. "The independent woman". Out of the castle into the counting-house (pagg. 277-279)
Goldwater, Ethel. "The independent woman". Reply (pagg. 279-280)
Calhoun, Don. Science, politics and the absolute; with a reply by Dwight Macdonald (pagg. 281-285)
Barbarow, George. Popular Culture. "Henry V" - Middlebrow Movie (pagg. 286-287)
Margoshes, Adam. Books. Hitler's professors. The part of scholarship in Germany's crimes against the jewish people (pagg. 287-288)
Mitchell, Broadus. Books. Alexander Hamilton (pagg. 288-289)
Lord, Charles. Free and equal. A note on race prejudice (pag. 289)
The intelligence office (pagg. 290-294)
Malaquais, Jean. The intelligence office. The Blasco case: reply (pag. 292)
Fifth report on packages abroad (pagg. 294-295)
Contributors (pag. 296)

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Politics (October 1946)

Cover (pag. 297)
Macdonald, Dwight. The russian culture purge (pagg. 297-302)
Mann, Georg. Some notes on soviet science (pagg. 303-305)
Comment (pagg. 305-309)
Woodcock, George. London letter (pagg. 309-311)
Berger, Morroe. The Karachi mutinies (pagg. 312-313)
Woodcock, George. Silone's resignation (pag. 313)
The german experience - three documents (pagg. 314-319)
Macdonald, Dwight. Free and equal. Counter-attack (pagg. 319-320)
Dryden, Theodore. Periodicals. "Inflation"; "Depression round the corner" (pag. 321)
Dryden, Theodore. Periodicals. "Schizophrenic motifs in the movies" (pagg. 321-322)
Dryden, Theodore. Periodicals. "Bernard Shaw's politics" (pag. 322)
Dryden, Theodore. Periodicals. "Science in Soviet Russia" (pag. 322)
Dryden, Theodore. Periodicals. "Labor's first year" (pagg. 322-323)
Dryden, Theodore. Periodicals. "Survey of Japan's defeat" (pag. 323)
Coser, Lewis (Louis Clair). New roads in Politics. Discussion. Digging at the roots, or striking at the branches? (pagg. 323-328)
Howe, Irving. New roads in Politics. Discussion. The 13th disciple; with a reply by Dwight Macdonald (pagg. 329-335)

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Politics (November 1946)

Nivola, Costantino. Cover (pag. 337)
Comment (pagg. 338-340)
Delecourt, Jean (Gelo); Delecourt, Andrée (Andrea). Anti-capitalist "revolution" in France (pagg. 341-344)
Smith, Don Elton. Conscientious objection is bankrupt (pagg. 345-346)
Tucci, Niccolò. Commonnonsense (pagg. 346-347)
Manheim, Ralph. Maiden flight (pagg. 347-349)
Petersen, William. Picketing and the law (pagg. 350-352)
Caffi, Andrea (European). Popular Culture. Notes on mass culture (pagg. 353-356)
Macdonald, Dwight. Popular Culture. Eisenstein's "Ivan" (pagg. 356-357)
Graves, Anna Melissa. Free and equal. A story (pag. 357)
Read, Herbert. Free and equal. South african racism (pagg. 357-358)
Blish, James. Scientific method and political action (pagg. 358-359)
Hodgson, Marshall. New Roads in Politics. Discussion (pagg. 359-361)
Macdonald, Dwight. Books. Art and social nature (pagg. 361-362)
Sixth report on packages (pag. 362)
Some letters from Germany (pagg. 362-364)
The intelligence office (pagg. 364-366)
McCarthy, Mary. The intelligence office. The Hiroshima "New Yorker" (pag. 367)
Politicking (pagg. 367-368)
Contributors (pag. 367)

november1946politics.pdf2.63 MB

Politics (December 1946)

Cover (pag. 369)
Weil, Simone. Factory work; with a postscript by the Editor (pagg. 369-377)
Delecourt, Jean (Gelo); Delecourt, Andrée (Andrea). French letter, the november elections (pagg. 378-380)
Woodcock, George. London letter (pagg. 380-382)
Tucci, Niccolò. Commonnonsense (pagg. 382-383)
Office of facts and figures (pag. 383)
Woodcock, George. George Orwell, 19th century liberal (pagg. 384-388)
Padmore, George. The story of Viet Nam (pagg. 388-390)
Goodman, Paul. The social format. City crowds (pagg. 390-391)
Macdonald, Dwight. The social format. Too big (pagg. 391-392)
Meyer, Peter. Popular Culture. The russian writer's dilemma (pagg. 392-393)
White, Theodore. Popular Culture. Social significance of eggs on end (pagg. 394-395)
Macdonald, Dwight. Books. Our threatened values; Politics and ethics; Science, liberty and peace (pagg. 395-396)
Peck, James. The amnesty campaign (pagg. 396-397)
Dryden, Theodore. Periodicals (pag. 397)
The intelligence office (pagg. 398-399)
Serge, Victor. The intelligence office. Soviet culture: Mandelstam (pag. 398)
Delecourt, Jean (Gelo); Delecourt, Andrée (Andrea). New roads in Politics. Discussion (pag. 399)
Finch, Roy. New roads in Politics. Discussion (pagg. 399-400)
Macdonald, Dwight. "Partisan Review" and "politics" (pagg. 400-403)
Macdonald, Dwight. The great coal strike. The man from Marx interviews the editor (pagg. 404-407)

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