USI-AIT hospital workers strike in Florence

On 12 December 2012, the workers at Careggi hospital in Florence went on strike against the proposal by the company, made unilaterally and signed by the mainstream CGIL and CISL unions, setting new working hours and annual scheduling of holidays, a shift requiring maximum flexibility for workers.

Submitted by Ed on December 22, 2012

About 300 workers came to the demonstration called by Cobas and USI-AIT, in the realm of the strike called by Fials. Workers and delegates from Uil Careggi also took part, with their flags.

At the administrative building of the hospital, about 60 workers occupied the atrium in front of the general management and called on them to come to negotiate. They were then informed that CISL withdrew their signature from the agreement, which means that negotiations should be renewed.

There was a meeting for about a half hour. Then they went to a picket at the regional administration for Tuscany. A delegation from Cobas, USI-AIT, Fials and Uil were received and they discussed all the problems that the new schedules created, including new health and safety risks associated with them. Representatives of the administration promised to set up meetings with the hospital and the unions.

Cobas and USI-AIT were satisfied with this action and thank everyone who took part and stress that they will not stop fighting until they win.

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Has anyone got any update on the this struggle - and especially the San Raffaele strikes?


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Just to point out that this is like the 5th or 6th time you have republished things from our pages without giving the source.

My opinion is that is not too cool.