Fundamental principles of communist production and distribution

Putilov Factory, Petrograd
Putilov Factory, Petrograd

Full text of Fundamental Principles of Communist Production and Distribution, Collective work of the Group of International Communists of Holland (GIK), 1930

Submitted by libcom on July 25, 2005

We do not agree with its prescription of the use of labour vouchers, but reproduce this text for reference. For an alternative we recommend reading A world without money: communism.


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Interested in any discussions or debates on this text and related texts. Please link.


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Worth reading the critical discussion of this in David Adams' related text mentioned under the GIK tag above. Its titled as this:


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An examination of the debate between the Italian and Dutch communist lefts around the Grundprinzipien, written in the context of the ICC’s series on communism

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Thanks for this I’ve always been curious what the ICC thought of these matters