Lizard Talk: Or, Ten Plagues and Another - Peter Linebaugh

Peter Linebaugh
Peter Linebaugh

Lizard Talk: Or, Ten Plagues and Another - An Historical Reprise in Celebration of the Anniversary of Boston ACT UP February 26, 1989.

An 1989 essay offering a history of ten plagues.

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The multinational, worldwide host upon which the macroparasite preyed through its vectors of the assembly lines of Detroit, the gold mines of south Africa, the sweat shops of Bombay, the plantations of Haiti, the shipyards of Belfast, the metallurgical shops of Kronstadt, the slums of cities all over had begun to develop their own "antibodies" -the international revolutionary offensive, thus walking the talk of the lizard.



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Looks like Linebaugh has done a recent podcast on this topic and pandemics too:

ETA - starts 6:00mins in.