Loren Goldner dead?

Submitted by loveletters on February 3, 2024

Does anybody know what happened to Loren Goldner? His website is offline and Ken Knabb concluded that he died after failed attempts at contect through email and phone.


4 weeks ago

Submitted by Fozzie on February 4, 2024

That would be a great shame. Here is what KK said:

December 2023: I haven’t been in touch with Loren for the last year or two, but I just learned that his site “Break Their Haughty Power” is no longer functioning. Loren’s other more recent site, Insurgent Notes, is still there, with numerous articles by him and his like-minded comrades during the period from 2010 to 2022, but it does not seem to have been updated since January 2023. The last time I talked with him he mentioned that he was having some health issues, though he did not go into detail. During the last couple weeks I have been unable to reach him via either phone or email, so I suspect that he is no longer with us.



3 weeks 6 days ago

Submitted by Devrim on February 4, 2024

Last time he wrote to me, he talked of his illness. It’s sad when old comrades die. That entire generation will pass soon.

Submitted by westartfromhere on February 4, 2024

Devrim wrote: It’s sad when old comrades die.

It depends under what circumstance. Hopefully our pen friend died of natural causes, or fighting the foe.


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Submitted by Steven. on February 5, 2024

That would be so sad. Were any people in Insurgent Notes in more regular contact with him? It seems strange that someone with such a relatively high profile could pass away without people knowing, without an obituary etc. Is it possible his health condition could have worsened, leaving him unable to maintain his website or engaging email communication?


3 weeks 5 days ago

Submitted by westartfromhere on February 5, 2024

Perhaps he just pulled the plug on his site to pass gracefully from this mortal coil, corrected by the sufferings of the sick-bed? L'chaim Loren


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Submitted by Craftwork on February 8, 2024

AFAIK Insurgent Notes is still an active project; I would suggest checking with John Garvey about Loren Goldner.


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Submitted by Hieronymous on February 10, 2024

He's not well, but definitely still alive (as of a few days ago). I met with him over a year ago and back then he wasn't in good shape. Soon after he moved with his partner to an assisted-living facility in another city.

He stopped maintaining his website even longer ago, but the person who took over maintaining it is dealing with their own issues.

Additional note: Loren was on a West Coast road trip in October, 2019 and stopped and visited me in the Bay Area over a few days. Cognitively he was fine, but physically he had multiple problems and couldn’t walk more than a couple blocks. When I visited him in New York in November, 2022 he was barely ambulatory and now is confined to a wheelchair.

J Garvey

3 weeks ago

Submitted by J Garvey on February 10, 2024

Hieronymous beat me to this. I wanted to write to assure others that Loren was still alive, but not well. I will let people know if and when that changes.



3 weeks ago

Submitted by westartfromhere on February 11, 2024

Masel tov Loren.

Can someone direct readers to Notes on the Insurgents in Palestine in 1987 and 2000?

Have Googled, insurgentnotes.com intifada, and nothing comes up.


1 week ago

Submitted by Hieronymous on February 25, 2024

Hopefully, the website will be up again someday soon. Loren’s declining condition has hit his circle of friends hard, especially the webmaster. Some of us have reached out and offered our support in archiving all those documents.