Class War covers gallery

An online archive of covers (and some posters) of the British Anarchist newspaper Class War from the 1980s-1990s.

Taken from various online sources, including Anarcho covers on Facebook and a collection of Class War covers and posters on

Assistance with gaps, chronology etc would be welcome.

Libcom also hosts an online archive of Class War publications here.

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Aug 27 2018 10:28



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R Totale
Aug 29 2018 10:09

Today's metro feels pleasingly like a classic Class War front cover, just needs a bit about have-a-go heroes or something:

Sep 1 2018 12:47

Back in 2006 I remember seeing a cover of Class War in a sociology text book, I believe it Fred Flintstone and his family and the tag line was "club together to beat the bosses" and a description that it was an Anarchist mag.

It proved pretty influential, before that my ideas of Anarchists were just extreme anti government individualists, that was my first clue that Anarchism might have something to say about capitalism.