Pioneers of American freedom - Rudolf Rocker

Pioneers of American freedom - Rudolf Rocker

Classic text by the anarchist Rudolf Rocker on the origin of liberal and radical thought in America.

The book features chapters on Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry D. Thoreau, William Lloyd Garrison and Wendell Phillips, Abraham Lincoln, Josiah Warren, Stephen Pearl Andrews, Lysander Spooner, William B. Greene, Benjamin R. Tucker, and others.

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May 8 2014 07:09



May 8 2014 14:58

Thanks for posting this very politically disappointing book. Meant as a criticism of the author, the the poster. I've not seen this before in full and look forward to skimming it

Ross Arctor
May 8 2014 17:39
syndicalist wrote:
this [is a] very politically disappointing book.

Care to elaborate?

May 8 2014 17:55

I'll try when not on a cell. But basically Rocker went from a basically collectivist perspective, to a more like America being the bastion of individual of individual freedom and liberty Sort if a 180 degree turn based on him living thru two world wars and dictatorships and repressions