States of emergency: cultures of revolt in Italy from 1968 to 1978 - Robert Lumley

Students demonstrate in Milan, 1968

The complete text of the definitive book on the mass social movements in Italy in the 1960s and 70s in which author Robert Lumley traces their development, growth then recuperation and decline. Highly recommended.

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OCRed for by Linda Towlson.

The online text, epub, mobi and clean PDF versions are complete with the exception of footnotes and a few images. All footnotes and images are available, however in the scanned PDF version. epub & mobi versions produced by Luxury Communism.

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Feb 26 2010 19:24

bump, because I just added four more chapters

Jun 4 2010 18:00

Bump, couple more chapters...

Jun 7 2010 07:00

Thanks very much for this, this is a good book. How many chapters are left to go? or is this all of them?

Jun 7 2010 10:20

there are about 20 something chapters total, so a lot still left to go! it is a very sizeable book... but yes it is great, it is basically the most definitive book on the socia movements in Italy in those years, but unfortunately hard copies of the book are very difficult to come by and extremely expensive, so it will be great when we get it all online.

Jun 8 2010 04:00

Well, thanks again for putting this up here. In case anyone hasn't seen it there's a new book out on some of this, I've only had time to read bits of it -

Feb 25 2011 13:20

Thanks for putting this up on the website. If you have the time to put some more of the book up on the website that would be amazing!

Feb 25 2011 18:22

Cheers, we will get to it as soon as we can!

Dec 25 2011 12:07

Is this the whole thing now?

Jan 6 2012 14:53
flaneur wrote:
Is this the whole thing now?

just a few more chapters (there are about 22 or 23 total) which we hope to have up within the next couple of weeks

Jan 6 2012 17:21

Top, cheers!

Jan 7 2012 22:09

This full text is now complete (not including footnotes and bibliography). Many thanks again to the author, and Linda Towlson who has painstakingly OCRed this book over the last two years!

If you only read one book on the Italian movement, it should be this one

Jan 8 2012 06:12

Nice one. thanks Steven. This is a great book, and in that past it's been really hard to find.

May 19 2014 07:38

Bump, as this now has a scanned PDF version containing all images and footnotes