The anarchist movement in Japan, 1906-1996 - John Crump

Japanese anarchists

John Crump's history of anarchism and the anarchist movement in Japan from the beginning of the 20th Century up until the pamphlet was written in the 1990s.

by John Crump, prefaced by the Anarchist Communist Federation

Anarchist Communist Editions ACE Pamphlet No. 8
Paper edition printed by Pirate Press (Autumn 1996). This Electronic Edition (Summer 1998)
Published by the Anarchist Federation

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klas batalo
Aug 4 2013 18:03

this is different from Hatta Shuzo and Pure Anarchism right?

Aug 4 2013 19:26

Klas...yes, absolutely. In spite of some political I have with this, this is one of the best english language pamphlets around. One day (promises, promises), I hope transcribe some movement reports from the 1920s that appeared in the NY anarchist newspaper "The Road to Freedom". In regard to Japan, the timepiece articles discuss the syndicalist movement.

Aug 4 2013 20:44

Please see my note under The Preface to this pamphlet - should have gone here really.

klas batalo
Aug 4 2013 21:05

is there a good pdf version of this anywhere for physical distribution?

Apr 21 2017 07:53

Will see about creating PDF from a good hard copy held by The Sparrows' Nest where we also have the correspondence with John leading to its publication by ACF. It was originally produced for printing on offset litho with original photos supplied by John screened and stuck on opposite pages of the text lay-out which is why the online version is text only. The second ed. with spikymike's postscript is online here:
For further historical note, preface seen in both eds. was by my own hand and I produced first printed ed. and both online editions. Knightrose layed out the second edition.

klas batalo
Apr 22 2017 03:41

good news