Anarchy in action - Colin Ward

Anarchy in action - Colin Ward

Colin Ward on how people organise themselves in human societies, and how this demonstrates the viability of anarchist ideas.

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Juan Conatz
Sep 30 2012 20:00


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Rob Ray
Nov 7 2012 14:22

Just spotted this. Juan, as a politeness thing it'd be good if you could at least mention to FP that you'd like to put it up or link to the Freedom Press shop for the paper copy if you're gonna PDF the text online.

We're not into Hoffmanning people over this sort of thing but it's a bit shit to be actively cutting us out of the loop when you know we're the publisher, have used the front page of our latest version and are on a site where I've prominently explained we're strapped for support and cash.

For reference:

Juan Conatz
Nov 8 2012 04:25

Took it down and will talk to the admins about it. Honestly, I didn't think much of it because it's a 30+ year old book.

Rob Ray
Nov 8 2012 09:26

Okay thanks, as I say it's not that were claiming it's IP to sue other communists over (though if the likes of Penguin tried it for a quick buck we'd come down on them like a tonnne of bricks wink), but Ward's our best known writer and the book continues to be one of our most popular sellers, so it's one that we're kind of keen to promote the paper edition of.

May 15 2013 13:36

I'd love to get this as an ebook (I'd pay money for an epub or mobi file). You guys at Freedom should consider selling ebook versions, its very convenient for readers who don't have a lot of space in their homes for books...

Feb 5 2014 17:56

This book is available in a pdf formate .. link in mediafire for : Colin Ward : Anarchy in Action