Black Flag 224 (2004)

Black Flag 224 (2004)

An issue of the London-based class struggle anarchist magazine Black Flag, from the 2000s.


  • Editorial
  • A Year Of Our Lives: 20 years since the great coal strike of 1984/5 - Dave Douglass
  • Zapatistas Put Autonomy Into Practice
  • An Interview with a Piquetera
  • Mayday In Dublin
  • Spirit Of Rebellion (upturn in workplace struggles)
  • Sucking The Golden Egg - a platformist response to "post-anarchism"
  • Anarchy In Southern Africa: interview with Zabalaza Action Group.
  • Anarchism and Community Politics (critique of Independent Working Class Association)
  • Review: What Is Anarchism by Alexander Berkman
  • Review: Mayday And Anarchism by Anna Key
  • Review: Syndicalism and the Co-operative Commonwealth by Emile Patoud and Emile Pouget
  • Review: Imagine - A Socialist Vision For The 21st Century by Tommy Sheridan and Alan McCoombes
  • Review: Emma Goldman's "My Disillusionment With Russia" and Peter Kropotkin's "Anarchism: A Collection of Revolutionary Writings"
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