Intercom: The Ultra-Left Review

Intercom: The Ultra-Left Review

Publication produced by members of a range of UK ultra-left/libertarian communist groups in the early 1980s, including Wildcat.

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R Totale
Dec 24 2018 21:57


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R Totale
Dec 24 2018 22:08

Oops, having created this page I now realize that the one PDF of an issue of Intercom I've been able to find is 33.8 MB, so just over the limit to upload - although the last two pages of that PDF seem to actually be Wildcat #7, so if anyone's got good PDF editing software, they could break it up into two parts and upload them separately? Or just get rid of this page, one or the other.

Dec 24 2018 22:16 is your friend, comrade.

Dec 24 2018 22:24

Also I think Wildcat 7 is part of the leaflets etc section so should stay. But the back page is missing? Maybe.

Also well done for finding this, I’d never seen it. smile

Dec 24 2018 22:55

Send a link to me and i will see what i can do

Serge Forward
Dec 24 2018 23:44

Thanks for adding this. By the way, the articles by Louis Robertson in that were by the late Bob Miller (Knightrose here on libcom). Bob, myself and others compiled that issue and churned it out on a gestestner in our front room smile

On the issue of the last bit being Wildcat, yes, the last few pages were always leaflets by the groups involved - Wildcat (Manchester), Careless Talk ((North Staffs), Subversive Graffiti (Aberdeen) and, I seem to recall, elements from London Workers Group who did Workers Playtime.

R Totale
Dec 25 2018 10:58

Well, it's uploaded now, merry xmas everyone! Shame about missing the back page tho. Also I now realise the "Wildcat No 7" that makes up the last two pages of this seems to be a completely different publication from the "Wildcat No 7 - Riot Special" that's also in the Sparrow's Nest archive, so I have no clue what's going on there.

Feb 27 2019 11:30

To clarify a couple of points;
The 2 page short free Wildcat bulletins included in the Intercom publication were produced by a temporary collective made up of dissident members of the autonomous Manchester Solidarity Group and similar dissident members of the Manchester local ICC (World Revolution) group plus a couple of local anarchist communists. This was a forerunner of the subsequent Wildcat (UK) paper phase one.
My hard copies of Intercom and related material is mostly out on loan just now. (edit: Haven't managed to retrieve these as yet but note that 'Intercom' continued to at least issue no 5, in April 1984, together with a series of small conferences and supportive groups from Manchester, Stoke, London, Glasgow and Milton Keynes as well as correspondence from others in the UK and internationally. By number 5 however it was clear that the Wildcat groups interest in pursuing Intercom as a project towards national regroupment was not supported by most.)

Dec 26 2018 12:45

Oh blimey, yet another phase of Wildcat I wasn't aware of grin

Am I a terrible nerd for wanting to see the back page of this so I can pointlessly test myself against the "ten points for participation in Intercom"?