Man!: a journal of the anarchist ideal and movement

Man!: a journal of the anarchist ideal and movement

Partial archive of an American anarchist newspaper published in the 1930s.

If you have any other issues of this publication please add them to this archive, or maybe you could donate some to us to digitise? Please let us know in the comments below.


Juan Conatz
Jul 29 2014 03:36

Just stumbled upon this a couple weeks ago. Can't even track down the site I found it on, unfortunatly. Haven't been able to find much more info on it other than a Facebook post selling a copy.

In the dark days of the Depression, one of the beacons of light was Man!: A Journal of the Anarchist Ideal and Movement. It was the most celebrated anarchist publication at that time.

"The very gentle anarchist who never killed a fly
We were unable to resist the very gentle anarchist
Yet not so blinded that we missed the rapture in his eye
The very gentle anarchist who never killed a fly."

[Havel, Hippolyte]. Man! A journal of the anarchist ideal and movement, Volume 5, Number 2-3, February-March 1937. New York City: Hippolyte Havel, 1937. 8p, 12x17 inches, paper in very good condition, 2-inch tear from center fold into text block, very mild edgewear, pages unopened.

The most influential U.S. anarchist periodical of the 1930s. Front page features leaflet text distributed by the Italian Anarchist Federation on the situation in Spain with a dramatic graphic at the bottom of the page and a quote from Errico Malatesta, articles on Warren Billings, FDR's Supreme Court packing plan, memories of Kronstadt, the death of Max Weiss, and on the power-hungry US government. "Man is the measurement of everything." Founder Marcus Graham (Shmuel Marcus - 1893-1985) a Roumanian immigrant, edited a number of anarchist publications including the illegal New York journal on the Soviet Union,Anarchist Soviet Bulletin (1919-1920), and Free Society (1921-1922). Man! was his last major publication. He spent much of his life fleeing from prosecution by immigration authorities and lived underground, using pseudonyms, for his last 45 years. Havel took over the publication while Graham was in self-imposed exile.

Jul 29 2014 03:53

Marcus Graham ... A very difficult individual from what I gather from Dolgoff and others
Cienfeguos Press did a reprint of some articles back on the 1970s

klas batalo
Jul 29 2014 17:07

This and the Libertarian League or something like that were some of the only outfits putting stuff out in the 50s right?

There is an archive in Cambridge that has a lot of this material.

Jul 29 2014 23:45

Man! Was one of three English language 1930s US specifically @ pubs--- the vanguard, challenge and man! Yiddish, Italian and Russian periodicals also appeared in the US at this time

The Libertaian League came along in the. 1950s. There was also Retort!