Robbie Fowler - fined for supporting Liverpool dockers

Robbie Fowler supporting Liverpool dockers

England and Liverpool striker Robbie Fowler was fined in 1997 for showing support for sacked dock workers during a European Cup Winners' Cup match.

Fowler was fined 2,000 Swiss Francs ($1,400) by European governing body UEFA on 27 March 1997 for his show of support for locked out dock workers .

UEFA's Control and Disciplinary Committee made note of Fowler's sporting behaviour in assessing the punishment beginning its press release saying, "It may seem strange and even unfair...".

After scoring his second goal in Liverpool's 3-0 Cup Winners' Cup win over Brann Bergen of Norway the previous week, Fowler lifted up his red Liverpool shirt to display a T-shirt which read: "Support The 500 Sacked Dockers".

UEFA regulations prohibit players from displaying any political logos at matches.

The press release noted that while UEFA may sympathise with such support, it strictly rules that a football ground is not the right stage for political demonstrations.

Two days earlier, Fowler was praised for his sense of fair play when he argued against a penalty call after he appeared to be brought down in the penalty area by England goalkeeper David Seaman.

However, as referee Gerald Ashby signalled the penalty, Fowler protested that he had not been fouled.

"Your reaction in the penalty incident...did you great honour. It is the kind of reaction which helps maintain the dignity of the game," said FIFA general secretary Sepp Blatter.

Source: Reuters


Nov 1 2011 21:43
Tommy Ascaso wrote:
Robbie Fowler - celebrity class enemy.

Fixed. wink

Nov 1 2011 21:51

What next? "Steven Gerard - life behind the barricades"?! tongue

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Oct 27 2012 09:57

Fowler is a landlord and a parasite.regarding the Seaman penalty incident which was a con swallowed by all the media muppets he put his hand up because he thought the Ref was going to book him for diving.He must have laughed himself all the way to the bank!He also played for Liverpool ,City and Leeds! wall MUFC OK

Serge Forward
Feb 24 2015 00:06

How did I miss this? Fowler's an utter fucking shitbag.

Feb 24 2015 00:17

I guess you didn't attend one of his free workshops then? wink

Serge Forward
Feb 24 2015 00:42

Nowt wrong there that a swift punch up the bracket wouldn't solve.

Feb 24 2015 09:16
wojtek wrote:
I guess you didn't attend one of his free workshops then? ;)

Surely Robbie Fowler would, by definition, be the worst person to teach you how to "Build a Property Portfolio Without the Need of a Footballer's Salary"?

Red Marriott
Apr 1 2016 14:06

Robbie Fowler, "working class hero", landlord & property speculator;

Guardian wrote:
It’s a great time to invest in a buy-to-let property. That’s if you believe legendary Liverpool footballer Robbie Fowler, who runs a property empire stretching from Cardiff to Scotland and is encouraging the public to take his £1,000-a-head “property academy” courses to become, like him, a multi-millionaire landlord.

“It’s a fantastic time to buy,” says Fowler, who focuses on the north-west of England. “Prices tumbled during the recession but are starting to rise again. I’m trying to buy a few more myself. Two- or three-bed places are probably perfect,” he adds, as families unable to get on the property ladder are renting instead.

But encouraging buy-to-let will find Fowler few friends among campaign groups such as Generation Rent and PricedOut, who argue that rampant landlordism is destroying the hopes of young buyers.

Figures from Halifax this week revealed a renewed surge in house prices – up 2.7% in one month alone and running at an annualised rate of 9%. Fowler’s belief is that a strong recovery in house prices will give landlords capital gains, as well as enabling them to raise rents – although he warns against being too greedy.

After flirting with horse racing – at one point he and fellow Liverpool footballer Steve McManaman owned 10 racehorses – Fowler ploughed his football earnings into a string of properties, earning him a place in the 2005 Sunday Times Rich List of the 1,000 wealthiest people in the country with an estimated fortune of £28m.

But the controversial striker, who enjoyed biblical levels of affection among Anfield fans – they called him “God” after he shattered Arsenal with the quickest hat-trick in league history – is shy about revealing the true extent of his property investments.

“I’ve got more than 10,” he says. “I’m a private person, I don’t like to disclose everything.” But almost everyone knows he has more than 10. Even the fans on the terraces would sing “We all live in a Robbie Fowler home,” to the tune of Yellow Submarine. Does he have more than 100? “Let’s say I have more than 10 but less than 100,” he adds.

[...] Does he acknowledge concerns that buy-to-let landlords are kicking away the ladder from first-time buyers? “Some people can’t afford to buy, so as a landlord you are providing a benefit for other people ... you are providing a service. Some landlords have been greedy, but you certainly won’t get that from me after the upbringing I had in the centre of Liverpool.”

This weekend the Robbie Fowler Property Academy is hosting sessions at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Birmingham, followed by a week of events at Hiltons in London. But you won’t find Fowler on stage. “I’ve been to a few, but I was never going to go to them all,” he says. Initial sessions are free, with in-depth training for wannabe landlords charged at around £1,000. The academy is, in reality, run by a Florida company, Legacy Education Alliance, which says it promises Fowler students “investment strategies” in “social housing, buy-to-let, lease options and land development.”