We Want Everything: A Novel - Nanni Balestrini

Fiat workers.

Nanni Balestrini’s fictionalized account of the Hot Autumn, in which a young worker from Italy’s impoverished south arrives at Fiat’s Mirafiori factory in Turin, where he finds himself in conflict with the bosses and the entire capitalist system.

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Dan Radnika
Nov 26 2016 20:50

This is not the complete novel! It appears to be a cut-down "teaser" version distributed by the publisher to encourage people to buy it! I hope that this is an innocent mistake and that Comrade Anonymous actually has the complete version... If not, maybe someone else can get hold of the full version and post it properly.

Conrad Merkel
Nov 29 2016 23:19

i can post the full thing but i dunno how to edit the link

jef costello
Nov 30 2016 05:54

No problem, thanks for posting it.
You should see the edit button at the top, it will need admin approval though, because it's a library page.
Otherwise just post the link and someone else can edit it in for you.

Dan Radnika
Dec 3 2016 16:16

I got hold of the real thing and uploaded it. Awaiting approval...

Dan Radnika
Dec 29 2016 19:43

I've read most of it. A wonderful novel... Even if it does go into workers' wage demands at Fiat Mirafiori in really tedious detail!