Evictions and resistance in Western Cape Town

1600 residents of Delft, Cape Town gathered on Monday in a mass meeting to organise resistance against the eviction of 2000 of Cape Town's poorest families.

Submitted by Fall Back on February 20, 2008

Organised with Western Cape Anti-Eviction Campaign, the residents have been occupying the homes, demanding a right to adequate housing, and have vowed to peacefully resist any attempts at being evicted. If the eviction is successful, 8,000 residents with no alternative accommodation will be thrown onto the streets.

Having lost an appeal at 4pm on Monday 18 February, armed police and private security have stated they will carry out the eviction as soon as darkness falls, with the use of force and dogs. There has also been talk that the army will be involved in the eviction process. The government has made no plans at finding housing for the evicted, who include many elderly, sick, disabled young and children. While continuing to attempt further appeals, the residents are determined to take their own action to prevent this enforced homelessness.

Elsewhere, following a mass meeting in Gugulethu, Western Cape Anti-Eviction Campaign activists are planning to retake the home of a resident earlier evicted by members of the ANC, as part of the wider ongoing campaign against evictions.

For further updates on the story as they happen anyone interested can view the website of the Western Cape Anti-eviction Campaign.