Socialist Party Hq evacuated during anarchist attack in Athens

The Socialist Party (Pasok) Headquarters in Athens were evacuated when they came under sustained attack by anarchists early on Friday evening. The attack is believed to mark the first reaction to the arrest of the 4 youngsters accused of urban guerrilla activities.

Submitted by taxikipali on September 26, 2009

On the evening of Friday 25 of September and as the four youngsters arrested earlier this week now stand accused under the notorious anti-terrorist law which renders any petty crime punishable by 10 years imprisonment, the new and shiny Headquarters of PaSoK, the Socialist Party of Greece, which is preparing itself to head the country's government next week, came under attack by anarchists, who leaving the radical enclave of Exarcheia managed to break through the permanent riot police lines surrounding the area and with recourse to extended use of molotov cocktails wage their attack against one of the most guarded buildings in the country.

During the attack a TV van was consumed in flames with the fire spreading rapidly and putting the very building at. Authorities moved to evacuate PaSoK's headquarters from its emergency exits to back streets while battles still ranged on the central street of Hippocratus. No arrests were made and the attackers disappeared behind flaming barricades.

The attack is believed to be the first act of reaction or solidarity to the arrest of the 4 young persons who were arrested after anti-terrorist police stormed two apartments in relation to the bombing of PaSoK's Economic shadow-minister apartment. All 4 refuse to cooperate with the police not even giving their fingerprints. Police authorities claim they are in the course of issuing a warrant for the arrest of 6 more people, with the progressive press already ringing the alarm of an anti-anarchist pogrom on the eve of the October 4th elections. The 4 will be presenting their case to the 32nd State Inquisitor on Tuesday morning.