Two students wounded during police raid in Athens

Two students wounded during punitive pogrom by riot police on Colonels' coup anniversary.

Submitted by taxikipali on April 22, 2009

Two students were seriously wounded on Tuesday 21/4 night and are in hospital with broken limbs after riot-police forces surrounded and invaded the liberated parking lot turned park in Exarcheia, downtown Athens, only ten meters away from Alexandros Grifgoropoulos murder site.

The police tour de force in brutality came after two consecutive attacks with rocks and molotov cocktails earlier the same night against riot police forces stationed outside the national HQs of the Socialist Party (PASOK). In a calculated operation of revenge riot police forces then surrounded the liberated park and brutalised young people who were socialising in its premises.

Although four detentions were made, nobody was arrested with the police claiming the two students wounded during the punitive operation simply slipped and fell. The police announcement is typical of the impunity legal regime protecting police violence in Greece.

The latest outrage comes most symbolically fitting on the anniversary of the 1967 Colonels' coup that led to the 7 year fascist junta. Greek riot police forces (MAT) are known admirers of the junta and its rule of torture and terror, whereas Mr Sanidas, the leading persecutor (general attorney) of the country, was actively involved in the acquittal of torturers and thugs during the 1975 junta trials.