Wildcat Strike in NSW Railways 27/11/20

There was a wildcat strike by NSW railworkers today 27/11/20

Submitted by asn on November 27, 2020

A wildcat strike by rail workers today 27/11/20 caused major chaos in the rail system. The action was taken over the testing of new Driver Only Operation (DOO) of new interurban trains. The new trains pose a serious safety issue which the union officials mainly focus upon. However for many years they have have covered up in league with Governments and management this threat. Most significantly the role of DOO in the Glenbrook rail disaster of 1999. The union officials or media or Govt. of course don't reveal other agendas of the new trains such as opening the door to privatisation of the NSW Railways, accelerating of the employer offensive with flow-on effects in other sectors; the later sacking of thousands of railworkers further down the track and wage cuts, associated with the facilitation clauses of Sydney and NSW Trains Enterprise Agreements 2018. The wildcat strike shows the effective work of the Anarcho-Syndicalist Network in transport in NSW particularly via our industrial paper in out manoeuvring the union hierarchy, the bosses and Government over DOO implementation on various train types for many years and particularly exposing the treacherous role of the union bosses to the grass roots on the job.
See Channel 7 News, MSN Sydney News on the internet today. Also check web sites www.rebelworker.org www.sparksweb.org