Wildcat Strike in Pinetown, South Africa

In an encouraging shift from militancy in the community to militancy in the factory precarious shack dweller workers in Pinetown (near Durban), South Africa have launched a wildcat strike.

Submitted by red jack on January 25, 2010

25 January 2009

150 contract workers at National Print, in Westmead, Pinetown, have walked off the job. The night shift workers will also refuse to work tonight.

The contract workers have decided to go on strike in protest at the attempt by the CEO to suddenly reduce their working hours and, therefore, their income. January is the month when poor families struggle to pay school fees and to buy school uniforms, books and stationery. This is a very bad time for people to suddenly lose most of their income.

About 70% of the contact workers at National Print are shack dwellers, most from the Abahlali baseMjondolo strongholds of Motala Heights,New Maus and Mpola. We have successfully resisted eviction from our settlements and we will also resist eviction from our workplaces.

The economy is in crisis due to the extreme greed of the rich. We have worked hard and done our work well. We are not to blame for the crisis. It is common sense that no one should take more than they need for themselves and their family. It is also common sense that no one should be able to take less than they need for themselves and their family. Everyone in this world has a right to a decent income.

For comment from the scene of the strike contact Lindo (AbM Youth League and National Printer Worker) on 074 460 5806.