Sam Lowry

Battle of Ballantyne Pier, 1935 - Sam Lowry

A short history and background of the 1935 dockers' strike and subsequent bloody confrontation with police in Vancouver that became known as the Battle of Ballantyne Pier.

The Lena massacre, 1912 - Sam Lowry

Bodies after the Lena massacre

A short history of the brutal suppression of a strike by Russian gold miners protesting low wages and inhumane working conditions in 1912.

1900: The assassination of King Umberto I of Italy

King Umberto I

A short account of the assassination of King Umberto I of Italy in revenge for the brutal suppression of a workers' demonstration in Milan which left hundreds dead.

Bresci, Gaetano, 1869-1901

Gaetano Bresci

A short account of the life of Gaetano Bresci, who in 1900 assassinated King Umberto I of Italy in response to a massacre of workers in Milan.

The French pensions strikes, 1995 - Sam Lowry

Strikers in France

A short history of the massive strike movement against welfare reform in France in 1995.

The Invergordon mutiny, 1931 - Sam Lowry


A short account of a strike by a thousand sailors of the Royal Navy that occurred in northern Scotland in 1931 against proposed wage cuts, which won significant concessions and provoked vicious government reprisals.

The Wapping printers' dispute, 1986-7 - Sam Lowry

Wapping printers' strike, 1986-87.

A short history of a strike and subsequent lockout by printers in the Wapping area of London, which began in the winter of 1986 and ended just over a year later. The strike marked one of the last major confrontations of the 1980s between workers and employers in the UK.

1978-1979: Winter of discontent

Strikers in the Winter of Discontent.

A short history of the of the widespread strike movement that occurred during the winter of 1978-1979 in Britain. The 'Winter of Discontent' marked the largest stoppage of labour since the 1926 General Strike.

Notes on the miners strike, 1984-1985

Miners' strike, 1984-85.

Notes on the strike of UK mine workers against closures and to save their union, the NUM. The article contains interesting information about the strike, its background, the aftermath and its importance to all workers in Britain.

Cambrian Combine miners strike and Tonypandy riot, 1910 - Sam Lowry

Tonypandy miners.

A short history of a strike by miners in South Wales in 1910 which led to a series of confrontations between workers and police, culminating in what became popularly known as the Tonypandy Riot.