Anarchy #03 1971

The infamous "Acid Issue" of the 2nd series of Anarchy magazine.

Submitted by Fozzie on October 17, 2020


  • What It Looks Like according to Dalton
  • A Symposium in Dublin - Bill Dwyer
  • Kinema: A review of the film Battle of Algiers
  • LSD and Revolution: A Statement by Five Comrades
  • LSD as a recreational drug - Donald Rooum
  • Anachoresis or Bust - D.A.P. Blackburn
  • Feed the Head: LSD - The Magic Acid - Bill Dwyer
  • A New Consciousness & Its Polemics - John O'Connor
  • A Proposal For Freedom - Shirley F Fredericks
  • Opus Dei: More Dogmatic Than The Jesuits, More Powerful Than The Mafia - Tony Levene
  • Review: Power And The Market by Murray Rothbard - S.E. Parker
  • Review: The Art of Community by Spencer H MacCullum - S.E. Parker
  • Aspects of Anarchy 3: Franz Pfemfert and "Aktion"
  • Back cover - Adam Zero Strikes Again by Arthur Moyse