Communist Bulletin, Issue 04 - June 1983

Cover of Communist Bulletin issue 04
Cover of Communist Bulletin issue 04

Communist Bulletin, Issue 04 - June 1983

Submitted by schalken on May 9, 2016

"About the Communist Bulletin Group." An introduction to our new organisation.
"Platform of the Communist Bulletin Group."
"After the Election." The signifiance of the British General Election of June 1983 and what workers and revolutionaries can learn from it.
"Beware of the Election Fever." A leaflet produced and distributed by the Bulletin group during the British General Election
"Blast from the Past." The Futility of Parliamentary Power. A text from the Socialist Labour Party of 1921 on the reality behind Parliament.
"Aire Valley Yarns." Class Struggle in Britain
"Leaflet." Distributed in Leeds at the so-called "Peoples March for Jobs."
"ICC - Marxist Contradictions." An analysis of the conspiracy theories of the ICC as an explanation of the real world.
"Correspondence." Letter from and to a Comrade. Open letter to the ICC. Open letter to the CWO.
"'Unity of Communist Militants': Breaking From Leftism or Leftist Brake." An examination of this Iranian group which shows it clearly to be merely another radical Maoist bourgeois group on the left wing of Capitalism.


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