Direct Action (SolFed) #20 2001

Two white men in woollen sweaters "cash slavery - no to casual sweaters"

"Casual slavery" issue of this anarcho-syndicalist magazine from Autumn 2001 themed around casual, flexible or precarious work.

Submitted by Fozzie on August 22, 2022

Casual Slavery: Contents

  • Rights and resistance: Need-to-know facts on casualisation and temporary work. Plus: Manpower will make you sick, and the Spanish CNT will make you take to the streets.
  • Private agendas: Public post - Well over half of all industrial disputes in Britain in recent years have resulted from action taken by members of the Communication Workers’ Union. Here’s why.
  • Casual housing: If you still have any doubts about where Labour’s priorities lie, look no further than their policies and practices on local authority privatisations.
  • actions+comment: Passing the toxic buck; The age of alienation; Government: Guilty of racism. On the edge: Day-in day-out robbery; Shark Practice; Ambience police; Barcode health; Don’t trust Guiness; STOPE$$O; Hiding the truth; Strike a light.
  • blairedvision: Religious education - If some people wish to have their children taught in a belief in God, astrology, space aliens, elves, or whatever, they should pay for it themselves.
  • international news: Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Malaysia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Dominican republic, Bangladesh, Euroland, Iran, Spain, Workers and immigration
  • globalfocus: Genoa diaries - Personal accounts of what really happened.
  • New Labour: On the cheap: The government’s sole gesture to low paid workers is the paltry minimum wage. But it bent over backwards to let the bosses make work more casual, temporary and de-humanising.
    Plus: Resisting McDonalds and Casual Killing.
  • Slavery calling: Despite being exposed by various sections of the media, the call centre cruelty continues.
  • Life-long learning in Higher Education? Quick bucks and short contracts more like.
  • First World Debt: Debt in the UK is spiralling, and the daily reality is as stark for the poorest of us in the so-called First World as anywhere else.
  • justice page: Solidarity Hunger Strikes; Prison labour; Texas resistance; Gothenburg; Chattanooga 3.
  • notes+letters: Good News for Notts; Livingstone Lies; Labour Lies
  • Chomsky and Zinn - spoken word reviews
    Noam Chomsky: Case studies in hypocrisy
    Howard Zinn: Stories Hollywood never tells
    Howard Zinn: Heroes and martyrs
  • music, spoken word reviews
    Become the Media - Jello Biafra
    Global a go-go - Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros
    Dizzy spells and Ex orkest - The Ex
  • books, pamphlets, periodicals reviews
    In the hands of the enemy - various
    Bread & Roses - IWW union magazine
    Can I quote you on that? - Albrighton and Watts
  • closerlook: Striking back 75 Years On: Introspective on the 1926 General Strike and Lessons for the Future.
  • DA resources: SolFed info., forthcoming events, campaigns, actions, friends and neighbours.


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