The One Big Union Monthly (January 1938)

The January 1938 issue of The One Big Union Monthly, with articles on the Australian Labour Party and the UGT in Spain. Contributors include Bert Russell, Violet Clarke Wilkins, Nicholas Lazarevitch, C.M. Rupel, Chas J. Miller, Covington Hall, T-Bone Slim and A.B. Cobbs.

Submitted by Juan Conatz on April 22, 2016


-The general strike by Bert Russell

-Yes, we have a labor government by Violet Clarke Wilkins

-When there isn't any money by Covami

-Progress in the men's clothing industry by A Clothing Worker

-Unauthorized by C.M. Rupel

-Failure of the workers alliance by L. Nicholas a.k.a. Nicholas Lazarevitch (Translated by Joseph Wagner)

-Playing with words by Chas J. Miller

-In the course of events by Gefion

-Factful fables by Covington Hall

-For a virtuous working class by T-Bone Slim

-Loyalty of slaves vs solidarity of workers by A.B. Cobbs