The Raven #33: Anarchism and the Arts

Dennis and Gnasher from The Beano comic. Speech bubble "Let's smash the state"

1996 issue of this anarchist journal, themed around art, culture, etc.

Submitted by Fozzie on December 23, 2022


  • Is Art Necessary? - Lynn Olson
  • One Man’s Eye - Steve Cullen
  • The Slipper and the Rebel: The Beano and Baxendale’s Bad-Child Brood - Gavin Burrows
  • Patronage or Independence? Elias on Mozart - Peter Neville
  • No Ruptures Here: the performance art of Marina Abramovic - David Murray
  • Beauty Lies ... - Arthur Moyse
  • Rendering Reality on Film: Land and Freedom - Brian Bamford
  • Interview with Jim Allen - Brian Bamford
  • Interview with Ken Loach - Richard Porton
  • Fictitious Anarchists in The Secret Agent - Donald Rooum
  • Conrad’s Anarchist Professor: an undiscovered source - Paul Avrich
  • Emily Bronte: Anarchist? - Jean Pollard
  • Anarchist Art - Richard Kostelanetz

This issue of The Raven was edited by Donald Rooum.


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