Unite union negotiates pay cut for members at Toyota

The Unite union has negotiated a 10% wage cut for its members at Toyota plants in Derby and North Wales.

Submitted by Ed on March 12, 2009

Responding to an announcement from car manufacturer Toyota that production at its UK plants would be cut by 10%, with an associated cut in wages of 10%, Peter Tsouvallaris, Unite representative at the plant said: "Our members are reminded daily of the tremendous insecurity this recession has brought to our industry.

"The proposals put to the workforce today present a real opportunity to restore some measure of stability to Toyota in the coming months, and we will be recommending them to our members.

"Unite's priority is to secure jobs and give our members a fighting chance of coming through this economic turmoil with their jobs and livelihoods intact. Any decision to cut wages and working time is never taken lightly but the agreement we have reached with Toyota will ensure none of our members' benefits are eroded and that these skilled workers will remain in place and at work ready for when the upturn comes.

"Once again, workers in the car industry are demonstrating that they will sacrifice in the short-term to ensure that they, their friends and colleagues can have a future in the years to come."

The agreement will come into place from April 1 this year and will stand for one year. The agreement will apply to the workers at Toyota's North Wales (Deeside) engine plant and the car manufacturing plant in Derby.