Views and Comments No. 34 (April 1959)

The No. 34 (April 1959) issue of Views and Comments, an anarcho-syndicalist leaning publication produced out of New York by the Libertarian League from 1955 until 1966.

Submitted by Juan Conatz on July 16, 2016

Contents include:

-Negro struggle sharpens

-Tyranny shaken in the Caribbean

-The trojan horse carries the cross to labor's camp

-The anti-war movement: illusions and delusions

-Libertarian youth group formed in N.Y.

-Working class internationalism by Germinal Esgleas

-The military :mind" and our children by Alan Graham

-Boris Pasternak and C. Vega Alvarez

-Organization and the individual conscience by George Balkansky

-Correspondence from Argentina by Jorge Ballesteros

-Is there a god?: a rationalist's viewpoint by Andy Vena (Originally appeared in The Liberal, August 1958)

-Libertarian morality by J.M.

-The libertarian bookshelf (literature list)

-What we stand for

This issue digitized for by the Centre International de Recherches sur l'Anarchisme (CIRA) in Lausanne, Switzerland.