A Brief History of South Africa’s Industrial and Commercial Workers’ Union (1919-1931)

ICU membership card

The Industrial & Commercial Workers’ Union (ICU) – a trade union, rural peasant movement, and urban squatters’ movement – formed on the docks in Cape Town in 1919. Within a decade, the ICU had expanded across Southern Africa without regard for national borders and counted people from various African countries and the Caribbean in its leadership, as well as people who were Indian and mixed race. The largely forgotten history of the ICU is well worth recovering in a time of escalating chauvinism and xenophobia. Our Dossier #20 offers an introduction to this extraordinary popular movement.

Hunting Specters: A Political History of the Purges in the Communist Party of the Philippines

A historical study of the violent purges committed by the Communist Party of the Philippines and their armed component the New People's Army.

The CPP-NPA-NDF “Hit List” — a preliminary report

A report on the political killings conducted by the Communist Party of the Philippines and their armed wing New Peoples Army.

UPD Student Council Resolution on the Diliman Commune

A historical resolution passed by a student council drafted during a student uprising in the Diliman Commune. The Diliman Commune was a student uprising against the Marcos administration.

The U.P. Barricades — In Retrospect

A UP Professor's View and Account of the Diliman Commune.

Diliman Commune

A historical note on the Diliman Commune, a student uprising against the Marcos regime.

Notes on the 1971 Diliman Commune

An account of the 1971 Diliman Commune which was a student uprising against the Marcos dictatorship.

Debates on the Philippine Left

An article on the contemporary history of the Philippine communist left dominated by the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist (MLM) group Communist Party of the Philippines-New Peoples Army-National Democratic Front (CPP-NPA-NDF). The article details the split in the communist left between the Reaffirmist (RA) camp and the Rejectionist (RJ) camp and the violent purges the CPP-NPA-NDF committed on their own members. Note as well that “Armando Liwanag” is a nom de guerre of Jose Maria “Joma” Sision.

Anarchists Demand Strike To End War - New York Times

Article by the New York Times detailing a meeting held by Anarchists and members of the Industrial Workers of the World to build resistance to the American participation in the First World War.

The Great Left Divide

A brief history of the "Reaffirmist" and "Rejectionist" factions of the Philippine left which emerged from a schism in the Communist Party of the Philippines.