Anarchist Prisoner Soheil Arabi – “Anarchism Means Flying Forever”

Anarchist Prisoner Soheil Arabi – “Anarchism Means Flying Forever”

Soheil Arabi, the anarchist political prisoner, writes from the notorious Evin prison in northern Tehran, Iran…

Anarchism means flying forever. Since the very moment we open our eyes to this world, from all sides, a net of religion, nationality, language, “race”, sexism is thrown over our intelligence, as an obstacle to flight. When you talk to me about religion, race, language and superstition, then I try to build wings out of these nets to fly towards the infinite freedom of thinking mind.

Becoming an anarchist starts with breaking norm structures. This is hugely difficult and expensive. But more difficult than that is to remain an anarchist.

In fact, all brave birds fly far away to distant places, but eventually halt somewhere their flight and are unable to continue more. Then they sit on the higher branch of a big tree or on a big rock.

Who else can say then that there is no infinite freedom anymore? Who else can say that they have flown as far as they could handle? There are no birds capable of flying for endless eternity.

Anarchism is a bird that moves against the definite characteristics called fate and laws, therefore it breaks the norm structure, goes against Power and thus conquers the world and creates the change.
The Anarchist development is not created of any chance, but is produced by the difficult path of libertarian struggle.

Soheil Arabi
Evin Prison
January 5th, 2020
Translated by Hasse Golkar
(via Asranarshism)

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Apr 16 2020 07:08


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R Totale
Apr 16 2020 13:52

Does anyone know what the current status of Soheil Arabi (and any other Iranian class struggle prisoners) is, given the recent mass temporary releases and selective pardoning?

Apr 17 2020 19:32

I've spoken to a friend whose in contact with Afghan and Iranian anarchist groups, and so far the pardons and releases haven't extended to any anarchist political prisoners. And Soheil Arabi is currently conducting a hunger strike.

R Totale
Apr 18 2020 14:56

Cheers for that information, even if it's not particularly good news.

R Totale
Jun 28 2020 18:42