Industrial Worker #1691 (January 2007)

Industrial Worker #1691 (January 2007)

The January 2007 issue of the Industrial Worker, the newspaper of the revolutionary union, the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).

Contents include:

- Restaurant workers' justice ride

- Global actions target Starbucks union-busters

- 'Socialist' bosses attack Scottish Wobblies

- Readers' soapbox

- A letter from the incoming editors

- Upstate New York Wobs on picket line, promoting IWW culture at year's end by Sourdough Slim

- NY foodstuffs workers win contract at EZ Supply

- IWW truckers picket West Coast intermodal hub

- Wobs serenade Starbucks union-busters in Pitsburgh by Kevin Farkas

- Starving amidst plenty

- Adjuncts now 2/3 of college faculty

- Protests in 90 cities target Israeli human rights abuses by Sophie Yon-Gharbi

- Workers in Minnesota, reviews by Jon Bekken

- France: CNT fights post office union-busting

- Poland: 3 workers fired for testifying against boss

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