Midnight Notes #05 (1982) – Computer State Notes

Midnight Notes #05 (1982) – Computer State Notes

5th issue of the autonomist journal Midnight Notes.

Reagan politics was the paradoxical synthesis of "the spokesman for a scientific and technological revolution that a few years ago would have smacked of science fiction with the revivalists of religious tendencies and moral conservatism that one would have thought was buried once and for all with 'our' Puritan Founding Fathers." This paradox is resolved in "Mormons in Space," where it is shown that this synthesis is characteristic when capital is in deep crisis and goes "back to basics." But what was our analysis of the capitalist limits and proletarian possibilities of the new technology? It is in "Prologue to the Use of Machines."


Do I Contradict Myself?

Mormons In Space

Prologue To The Use of Machines

Strange Loops - Reagan in Zurich

Conversation With A Demon: The Education of Pedro Abono

Credit to the Parties in Brixton: Malcolm X Day in Attica

Quien Salvara El Salvador? - Who Will Save the Saviour?

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