Congo: journalists attacked by police

A meeting of 100 journalists in Mbuji-Mayi was broken up by police on May 31st

Submitted by jef costello on June 5, 2007

The general assembly had been called by the local of the Congolese Press association (UNPC) to discuss the suspension of the co-ordinator of the local due to financial irregularities.

The meeting had just begun when it was recognised that there were non-journalists present, some of whom were identified as state agents. It was shortly after these people had been asked to leave the meeting that two police jeeps arrived, some 20 officers led by Jean-Claude Kabeya AKA "Shegué" dispersed the meeting.

Several journalists were beaten, one of whom, Luboya Nokia, from Radio Mont Carmel (RMC) was seriously injured and was taken to hospital. Several journalists reported that their equipment had been taken or destroyed by police.