Outline of Marx’s Capital Volume I - Raya Dunavevskaya

Raya Dunavevskaya Outline of Marx's Capital Volume I

Raya Dunayevskaya's series of 14 lectures/questions outlining Marx's Capital Volume I written in the mid-1940s as part of the Johnson-Forest Tendency. Reprinted in 1979 by News and Letters Committees.

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From the Introductory Note:

All crises have called upon a new re-examination of Marx’s Capital and its historic laws of motion. Thus, the Outline of Capital we are reproducing here was prepared in the mid-1940s, when it had become clear that the totality of the crises which culminated in World War II had ushered in a whole new economic stage – state-capitalism – as well as a new stage of revolt, arising within each orbit, against both Russia and the U.S. Although Raya Dunayevskaya did not develop the dialectic in the Outline as deeply as it was later to be developed in both Marxism and Freedom and Philosophy and Revolution, we reproduce it here in response to requests from students who wish seriously to study Marx’s work, because it can now be studied together with both the section on Capital from Marxism and Freedom, and the section on “The Adventures of the Commodity as Fetish” from Philosophy and Revolution.

Libcom.org version uses the pages in the Vintage/Penguin edition of Capital Volume 1 taken from the appendix of the 1979 reprint available from the Raya Dunayevskaya Collection.

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NOTE: If you are interested in Dunavevskaya's later writings on Capital check out Marx’s Capital and Today’s Global Crisis also updated on libcom.