Anti-war protests in Israel and Gaza

Poster in Arabic and in Hebrew

Article by Russian anarcho-syndicalists, KRAS, the Israeli invasion of Gaza 2023. Reproduced for reference only.

Submitted by Guerre de Classe on February 1, 2024

Despite chauvinistic sentiments in Israeli and Palestinian societies, not everyone on both sides of the front lines agrees with the war that began with the brutal attack by Hamas clerical fascists on October 7. Demonstrations are taking place in Israel and Gaza demanding an immediate ceasefire and holding to account the ruling circles on both sides responsible for escalating the conflict.

Already on October 14, voices were raised in Tel Aviv in solidarity with Israeli hostages taken by Hamas, demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Netanyahu. He is accused that his policies have actually strengthened Hamas in opposition to Palestinian Authority circles willing to seek compromise and coexistence with Israel. The very next day, the government introduced measures authorizing the arrest of those who harm the “spirit of the nation.” After an anti-war demonstration in Haifa, the police chief threatened to send protesters to Gaza on October 19. Despite repression and terror by the far-right, a protest was staged outside the Israeli prime minister’s residence on November 4. On November 8, Israel’s Supreme Court authorized police to disperse anti-war rallies. Nevertheless, on November 18, the first legal demonstration against the war was held in Tel Aviv. A week later, on November 25, demonstrators gathered in Jerusalem, demanding the prime minister’s resignation. The following actions were met with police repression: on November 29, protesters were arrested outside the parliament, and on December 2 – outside the prime minister’s house in Caesarea. On December 16, protesters camped outside the Israeli War Ministry.


On December 28, Israeli Jews and Arabs demonstrated together in Tel Aviv to demand a ceasefire. However, scheduled protest marches for Israeli-Palestinian peace in Tel Aviv on January 11 and in Haifa on January 13 were banned by the police.


But a demonstration in Haifa followed on January 20. Protesters chanted: “Refuse to kill, refuse to fight, refuse to murder!”


The first protests against the Hamas regime in Gaza since the beginning of the war were reported back in the fall, but it was difficult to confirm this information, and the videos circulating on the Internet at the time were from before the war began.


However, there were periodic reports of “hunger riots” in Gaza – attacks on warehouses and food convoys. Now, in January 2024, there is finally evidence of major protests in Gaza against the war with Israel and against the clerical-fascist dictatorship, which, with its bloody provocation on October 7, exposed civilians in the Strip to bombing and fighting. For several days in January, hundreds of residents took to the streets. On January 25, they marched through the Khan Younis humanitarian corridor, chanting, “Down with Hamas!” “The people want a ceasefire! Netanyahu and Sinwar, we want a ceasefire. Enough with war and enough with the destruction!”, – could be heard over loudspeakers. The day before, a video of a protest by Gaza youth in front of a hospital in Deir el-Balah went around. Participants demanded that Hamas release Israeli hostages and end the war so that they could return to their homes in the northern sector.


English translation: The Friends of the Class War // Друзья классовой войны




4 months 2 weeks ago

Submitted by westartfromhere on February 2, 2024

There were notable clashes between proletariat and Police in Palestine/Israel on 2/9/2023, Tel Aviv, and on 17/10/2023, Ramallah.

Whilst the cause of Peace is lauded in varying degrees by different bourgeois factions, the proletariat refuses to sacrifice the struggle with its mortal Enemy to that cause.


4 months 1 week ago

Submitted by Steven. on February 5, 2024

This is a terrible article. Not only does it "both sides" a ridiculously asymmetrical issue (which did not start on 7 October, but began with the Zionist colonisation of Palestine over a hundred years ago), but it actually is worse than that, because it uses over-the-top hyperbolic language ("clerical fascists") to describe the attack of October 7, but does not use such hyperbole when referring to Israel. When of course such language could be easily justifiable, especially given the extremist make up of the current Israeli government, and the openly genocidal rhetoric of many senior government and military officials


4 months 1 week ago

Submitted by westartfromhere on February 6, 2024

Agreed, Steven. The clerical fascists are a lesser evil than the secular fascists at the helm of the Israeli State. The incursion organised by Hamas was an act of political desperation. The massacre orchestrated by the State of Israel and its allies is cold blooded "murder".

As to the beginnings, surely these can be traced further back than to the ideology, Zionism, that legitimised the primitive accumulation of capital in Palestine. Perhaps even as far back as the schism between the judicial Kingdom of Judah, and Jerusalem, and the forced labour of Israel?

Genocide? The "genocide" by the National Socialist regime of Germany spared the bourgeoisie from death and specifically targeted the middle/working classes. Was/is it not classicide? Rhetoric is a cover for real motivations.