Black Flag 237 (2015)

Black Flag 237 (2015)

The last of the titles from the 2007-15 Black Flag collective looked at a brief wave of squatting in the capital and took an in-depth look at the then-somnolent Parliamentary scene before the rise of Corbynism. A direct action bent saw it pick over the rise and fall of the animal rights movement, and consider how the Trade Union Bill could potentially be resisted.


  • Cover story: Squatting and housing struggle
  • Analysis: Scotland and the polls
  • In focus: Patriarchy and men’s rights
  • Reportage: Walking with Radical Routes
  • Comment: Beating the ballot box
  • Reportage: How the State broke animal rights direct action in Britain
  • Report: The Spirit of Revolt archive
  • Theory: Luddism, capitalism and technology
  • In focus: The Trade Union Bill
  • Breathing Utopia: Mining, post-revolution
  • Theory: On anarchism’s true roots
  • History: The First International: Part 2
  • Radical Reprint: Fabbri vs Victor Serge
  • Review: Russell Brand’s political opus
  • Review: Lines of Work
  • Activist bites: Organising in Perth
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