France: Seven anti-fascists arrested

Fascist leader - Le Pen

Seven anti-fascists are currently under arrest in Toulouse, charged with the use of weapons to commit violent acts after clashes with the police.

University strikes wind down

12 universities remain disturbed this afternoon (Friday), of which one is blocked (Toulouse II) and one is closed by the university on grounds of safety (Rennes II).

Montpellier students to vote on further blockades

Updates from university occupations in Toulouse and Montpellier following the withdrawal of the CPE.

Deputies examine CPE replacement text as smaller demos continue

Students outside the offices of Bleu Isère radio station

The deputies have this evening started to examine the private bill which replaces the CPE tonight.

The anti-CPE struggle continues in France

The withdrawal of the CPE was announced today. This is a victory for the protesters, however the government still has the ability to strongarm similar legislation through and has not withdrawn the other parts of the new law package.

6 April: Villepin makes major speech amidst mass transport blockades

A round-up of news from the anti-CPE struggle in France, including Villepin's speech and responses, and the transport blockades across the country.

3 April: Summary of events in France

Yesterday's protests in France included the occupation of the Eiffel Tower, a symbolic trial of Jacques Chirac and reports of fires at job centres and benefit offices in Paris and Toulouse.

Up to 50,000 protesting in Toulouse

Contradicting earlier reports of 22,000-33,000 demonstrators in Toulouse, Le Monde is now reports the figure to be up to 50,000.

Lyon, Rennes and Toulouse protest against casualisation

First reports from Liberation on this mornings demonstrations.

Toulouse: extreme right confront anti-CPE blockade

University authorities and fascists challenge blockade

We reported a story this afternoon of far right fascists attacking an anti-CPE campus blockade. This has since been disputed by those who were on the ground. This is an account of what we now believe to have happened.