Rank the nuttiest US left sects

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Feb 4 2021 19:11
Fnordie wrote:

Rural People's Party models itself after Jim Jones and the People's Temple. Seriously.

according to https://www.opendemocracy.net/en/countering-radical-right/nazi-satanists...

In the US, perhaps the most extreme of ONA’s nexions is the Tempel ov Blood (ToB). ToB’s literature encourages sadism and sexual violence, glorifies mass-murderers and terrorists, and calls for adherents to engage in racially motivated violence depicted as a holy war.

The ToB is reportedly run by Joshua Caleb Sutter, an alleged neo-Nazi occultist activist who converted to militant Hinduism; and who is said to have founded an astonishing pro-North Korea group in South Carolina named the Rural People’s Party.

openDemocracy has attempted to contact Sutter about these allegations but has been unable to reach him.