Tube strikes: first round of five days' strike action begins

Tube strikes: first round of five days' strike action begins

Thousands of London Underground workers set to take part in a second 48-hour strike over proposed cuts which include closing every Tube ticket office in London, with another 72-hour strike planned for next week.

Update: Following a 48-hour strike of thousands of London Underground workers last week, the RMT and TSSA unions have suspended further industrial action following management agreeing to withdraw notice of 953 redundancies this year.

Thousands of London Underground workers were set to take part in a second 48-hour strike over proposed cuts which include closing every Tube ticket office in London.

Members of the RMT and TSSA unions walked out last Tuesday in the first of two 48-hour stoppages and are set to walk out from 9pm tonight to the same time on Thursday 13th February.

Under the proposals being put forward by London mayor Boris Johnson and Transport for London (TfL) hundreds of station staff jobs would be lost and supervisors would be moved from stations.

TfL claims the plans are needed to save £50 million a year. The London Chamber of Commerce and Industry estimate each strike could cost the London economy £50 million a day.

Workers have already been taking action with an overtime ban in place since last month which has led to some station closures.

Last Friday union members attempted a 'revenue strike' which should have allowed free travel between certain times.

Picket lines

Workers are asking members of the public to support their picket lines and are expecting supporters from groups fighting austerity, such as Disabled People Against the Cuts and Occupy, to attend.

All the picket lines featured on the map below started from approximately 4:45am and lasted through till 11pm on Wednesday 5th February and then again from 4:45am till 8:59pm on Thursday 6th February.

Source: RMT London Calling

If you're taking part in the strike or have been down to your local picket line to show your support please let us know about it in the comments below.

Photo by Tom Page.

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Feb 13 2014 08:48
Jason Cortez wrote:
Well the LUL boss is saying that basically nearly all the jobs will in fact be lost.

Seems that way, and having "discussions with the unions over each station" means fuck all to people losing their jobs if all management are going to do is confirm to the unions that they're closing the ticket offices, laying people off and making workers that stay work longer hours, pushed around from station to station or losing pay. That's not "consultation", that's just a slightly slower way of attacking the workforce.

I would have thought the unions have a lot of options besides a 24 or 48 hour strike across the network. Why not strikes and pickets at terminus stations, strikes on individual lines, zone 1 stations or stations threatened with complete closure? That, combined with an all out effort to fund a strike fund, would mean strike pay could be paid to those making the sacrifice and the workers having more weapons in their arsenal.

Throw in a 96 hour strike called at some point in the future (say the last Thursday/Friday of the month followed and the first Monday and Tuesday of the following month) and you have a pretty big wrecking ball to take into negotiations.

As it is, it's hard to see anything other than the RMT reduced in strength as its bargaining power and strength is negotiated away station by station.

Apr 28 2014 20:06

Jubilee line shutting down now apparently..

Click here to find your nearest picket line

Apr 29 2014 15:46

Some pics from today's strike