“Revolution without borders” – Demonstration against the health pass (France)

Down with the State, the cops and the bosses – Revolution without borders

Since several months, a very confused protest movement has been developing throughout the world, a protest that targets the anti-covid vaccine obligation, as well as the “health pass” that goes with it, and its consequences in terms of reinforcing the social control exercised by the State over the proletariat.

Movie Review: ‘OFFICIAL SECRETS’ (2019)

Review of a movie about a whistleblower centering on the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Wellington “Save Geronimo!” Protest Report

A report on a recent protest held in Wellington, Aotearoa in support of Geronimo the alpaca.

Cuba’s burning?

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Save Geronimo!

A call to protest in Aotearoa in Solidarity with Geronimo the Alpaca

“Energize the Movement”: Jailhouse Lawyers Speak on the Importance of the National Shut’Em Down Demonstrations

A call has gone out from Jailhouse Lawyers Speak for National Shut’Em Down demonstrations across the so-called United States outside of prisons, jails, and detention facilities. It's Going Down caught up with Jailhouse Lawyers Speak to find out the thinking behind the call, how abolitionists on both sides of the walls can come together to better coordinate our struggles, and much more.

Book Review: 'Why We Fight'

A review of an anthology of essays about contemporary fascism in USA.